Why Work with a Coach

How much time do you spend thinking and talking about things that matter most in your life? When was the last you thought about the connection between what you do and who you are as a person? Have you asked yourself if things you value are reflected in your actions? What do you really want in life?

As your Confidante Coach, my mission is to help you realize your full potential by empowering you to live a conscious and deliberate life. As my coaching client, you are already creative, resourceful and whole. You possess the capacity find whatever you need in life. My mission is to connect you with the best of who you already are.

Professional coaching is similar to athletic coaching in some respects. As a human being, you have the natural ability run. What a track coach does is help you finesse that ability and give you techniques and inspiration to maximize innate talents and strengths. So it is with professional coaching.

As your coach, my mission is not to solve your problems or give you advice. My mission is to work with you to help discover the best of who you are. If you are ready to live a conscious and deliberate life built around the things that matter most to you, I look forward to hearing from you.